Reverse wash Filter
The reverse-washing filtration machine is exclusively developed by Wan Cheng and features a modular design, making it easy to replace consumable parts. It expels the dirt and impurities that have been trapped on the filter cloth by reversing the flow. There is no need to stop the machine during the reverse washing process, resulting in optimal efficiency that saves time, effort, and costs.
Auto. Dosing System
To achieve high efficiency and quality and avoid the influence of human factors in the electroplating production process, automated control systems are generally used in the production line. An Auto. Dosing System can maintain the set concentration and pH value of the solution during the electroplating process.
The machine is designed to be enclosed, which prevents wastewater from spilling out. It adopts a multi-stage variable speed design and an open exhaust port design, which allows for even heating of workpieces, reduces the generation of water vapor, and ensures high dehydration efficiency with smooth and noiseless operation.
Micro Computer control box
A control box can be used with multiple operation panels, displaying slot temperatures, equipment operating status, production capacity records, and more.
The machine is available in various current and voltage specifications and can be supplied in different types, such as air-cooled and water-cooled, depending on the environment. It can be configured to match customer requirements, from standard rectifiers to digital communication types.
Oil Skimmer
The oil is collected using a floating bottle method that utilizes the buoyancy of oil on the water's surface. The collected oil is then transferred to an oil-water separation system, where it is separated based on their different densities, and discharged from different locations. The oil-water separation rate can reach over 95%.
Filter Cleaning Machine