About Us

We are a manufacturer of surface treatment equipment. Our equipment is suitable for a wide range of products, including commonly used industrial screws, nuts, and hardware components, as well as hand tools, motorcycle and automobile components, electronic components, passive components, and more. Additionally, we offer complete factory output solutions, starting from the construction of the customer's new factory building, determining the relative position of the equipment placement, configuring auxiliary equipment, and managing water, electricity, waste gas, and wastewater.

Our main focus and core design principle are based on the customer's products, and we create customized machines that are tailored to your needs. Through customized machinery production, we can reduce production costs and improve efficiency in the production process.

We believe that continuous service is the true beginning of Wancheng’s commitment.

Each and every customer is the center of our service. Wancheng’s spirit is “Moving Together As One and Making Precise Progress”